The Contribution Of Mercedes-benz In The Times Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer and is known across the world for its premium range of vehicles.

This MNC is known for its luxury vehicles, vans, buses, trucks and ambulances. And this car manufacturer has taken some crucial steps in fighting with the coronavirus pandemic that has all of us camping in our houses. 

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the economy, and all the brands are doing their own two bits to help people in such trying times. Mercedes-Benz has also done its fair share of service. This premium car company has changed its logo to stress the importance of social distancing. They have also donated vehicles to public institutions, and have helped build medical components.

The virus has killed more than 76,000 people across the globe, and the governments worldwide are taking measures to fight this pandemic.

Formula 1 team of Mercedes-Benz and the passenger cars have offered to manufacture some medical components, for example, the breathing-assistance device that the hospitals desperately need right now. 

The multi-national company has donated several Sprinter and Citan units to the hospitals of Spain. The Iberian state is one of the most severely affected states with about 140,000 cases.

Mercedes-Benz also has a lot of weapons in their closet; you can find out more about them on

Mercedes-Benz in India

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz India will set up a temporary hospital in Pune to offer hospitalization facilities to the patients infected by this pandemic. They will carry out this operation in the latest medical facility in Mhalunge-Ingale village, ChakanKhed. This facility can arrange isolation words for 1,500 patients at a time. 

The company will help the ZilaParishad to buy the medical equipment and create an OPD temporarily which would have facilities for stay, wheelchairs, sanitizers, PPE kits, stretchers among others. 

Mercedes-Benz has also given away ventilators to the Ruby Hall Clinic, Grant Medical Foundation.

However, due to the orders of the government, manufacturing of cars and their engines have been stopped to comply with the social distancing measures. Mercedes-Benz has already shown their support on their Facebook page by altering their logo. The new logo features the same rings and a star in the middle, but there is some additional space between them.

Others have done it too

Mercedes is not the only brand or a car company that has shown its support for the measures taken by the government. Mercedes’ all-time rival BMW has posted a four-minute video on YouTube and other social media channels. The video shows a man driving a BMW to the remote places to distance himself socially. They have added the caption with the video – “Let’s beat COVID-19; it is up to you to flatten the curve.”

Audi and Volkswagen haven’t been left behind either; they have released new logos on their social media handles to stress the importance of social distancing. These logos have done a fantastic job in not only conveying the message, but those messages is also that much wittier?

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