Tips About Smart Hotel Solution You Can't Afford to Miss

Tips About Smart Hotel Solution You Can’t Afford to Miss

It can be said that the world today must use technology to help manage the management system. And travelers are looking for hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and accommodations that offer quick and flexible service and can check rooms and book in advance. Including check-in and stay Or check out the room Especially if linking to other services such as car rentals, restaurants, And attractions Can create even more satisfaction With a good management system of the software The hotel can manage the rooms to be ready to accept new customers. Cleanroom Prepare the minibar That is to continually increase the opportunity to generate income.

1. Reservations system.

This system will act as a room reservation or reservation of the hotel management program. You can book either as an individual or a group room (Group). When booking, you can specify which day the booking is made, how many nights, how much it is, who is the reservation person, and can check the room. Free In addition, reservations are also accepted for pre-booking payments where reservations can be booked simultaneously in multiple rooms.

2. Room management system

Which this system will perform various functions Related to the room Hotel Management Program It consists of Check-in / Check out rooms, which this Check-in can be linked to information from room reservation and supports Check-in without prior booking (Walk-in) which can stay. Either as an Individual or a group (Group) when Check-in can indicate that the guests From the date and how many nights stay, how much room or security deposit, Who opens the room and receive the room security deposit? When checking in, the system will set the room as busy or occupied, and support the guest list inquiry system during the stay. If the guest uses goods or meals in the room (Minibar), the system can link to adding items of products and services to the room to charge for products and services, and there is also an automatic link to the stock system and can Can link product sales information with Restaurant program in the event that guests dine in the hotel restaurant. And add the cost to the room rate

The room management system also includes the cancellation and the receipt of money, which is designed to be able to receive money during an unlimited number of breaks, and automatically link the system to the financial system. Ability to issue documents in the system such as Folio, receipts, tax invoices, room insurance receipts and food coupons, etc.

3. Cashier system

The hotel management program’s billing system is used for checking the collection of cashiers and can be summarized by employees, employee work cycle, and day (Night Audit). Receive money such as cash, check, money transfer, credit card, etc. The system will be automatically linked to the room management system.

4. Room planning system

This system will manage the operating status of the rooms, namely the room availability, having guests, no use, cleaning, as well as checking the status of the room. To prevent duplication of information when staying in a room on the same day and time, as well as generating reports such as room occupancy statistics, room status (Romm chart). Remaining rest, room schedule (Romm planning) and Focast report, etc.

5. Accounts receivable system (A / R system)

This system will act to prevent debt repayment of the debtor in the event of a stay on credit, such as in the case of a tour group from an agency or in case of a contract to use the accommodation. Of various departments, etc., which the debtor system will automatically link with the room management system When staying on credit The debtor system will create a debtor card. Provides automatically and can record payments and issue invoices, receipts by amortizing the debt. Can be split into documents or paid according to the amount by the debtor system will check the payment of the debtor, such as the receivable report, the report of due repayment, etc.

6. Inventory system

For the stock system in The hotel management program is divided into 2 parts: room stock and central stock, which can link room sales information. There is also a system for picking goods from central stock to in-room stock. Including products that are Complementary By setting product codes, can add pictures, split product units, add warehouse rooms It also supports the standard costing system and the average cost or no costing system and can choose whether to have the stock cut off or not. Stock cards enable checking of the product’s entry and exit and can also retrieve the product’s entry and exit information as well.

7.Service system

This system will be the system used for various services such as housekeeping system for cleaning rooms (Housekeeping) or adding products/services in the room as well as having various reports. For housewives, such as preparing equipment in the room, entering to clean the room, etc. The service system also includes Room maintenance systems,

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