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Choosing from the whole range of road bikes can seem difficult, as there are categories and options with more or less obvious differences. However, this choice will depend the pleasure of your next outings on the roads, so it is crucial that you think about different essential points before your purchase. Good road bikes must be light before anything else. You will also be keen to ensure the quality and solidity of your future road bike and, not negligible, you will have to come to terms with your budget. At Bikester, we make no concessions on the quality of our road bikes. With prices ranging from a little less than 600 to more than 5,000 euros, road bike
First, think about the type of use you reserve for your new bike. Are you an amateur cyclist simply looking to please you on the handlebars of a good quality road bike or are you a more experienced or even professional athlete, wishing to combine performance and pleasure? Your answer will guide your choice among all the road bikes offered in our offers and will allow you to better target your search. For a leisure purchase, prefer road bikes with a fairly short frame and in general a rather seated position, for increased comfort; road bikes intended for competitors and experienced athletes will favor a more reclined position on the bike and the lightness of the frame.
Carbon frame or aluminum frame? The carbon frame is the lightest and in terms of road bikes, every gram has its importance! Another significant advantage is that this type of material offers excellent resistance to time damage. Note however that a carbon frame often offers less flexibility than an aluminum frame, a handicap for an amateur cyclist. For road bikes, aluminum frames remain an excellent choice, stainless, offering comfort and flexibility to the cyclist. You will find high-end products mounted on an aluminum frame for very reasonable prices. This point clarified you will then have to think about the questions of the handlebars, wheels, transmission, crankset saddle. When choosing your next racing bike, all of these elements must be carefully selected for maximum comfort. Road bikes will be equipped with a triple chain crankset for amateur cyclists and experienced athletes and professionals will prefer double or compact cranksets. For the tires of your road bike, their fineness, weight, and pressure must be in harmony with the use you reserve for them. Choose a fairly wide and flexible road bike saddle for real comfort. The handlebars should also be ergonomic and allow situations of “rest” for your hands and arms. Finally, the pedals must be adapted to the and you will have the choice between classic pedals and automatic pedals.
You just have to choose the size of your frame. Performing a precise calculation (a table is available on Bikester to help you) is important and will be a major asset in the satisfaction and performance that you will get from your road bike. Once all these technical details have been settled, you will finally be able to enjoy yourself and concentrate on the design of your future road bike while having the assurance that your choice is thought out in every detail to obtain maximum pleasure from the handlebars of your precious road bike. Women’s road bikes available on Bikester:

  • BH Bikes Alvia Women’s Road Bike 6.9 purple/white
  • CORRATEC Dolomiti 105 Comp Miss C cyan white
  • BMC Pure PR01 Ultegra Triple white
  • BH Bikes Cristal Women’s Road Bike 7.7 blue/white

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