Tire Changer – an Essential Accessory for Any Good Cyclist!

As cyclists or mountain bikers recognize, riding on two wheels, even if it is an exciting activity, does not dispense with small disappointments. Because, by dint of use, small mechanical problems or breakdowns quickly arise, often unforeseen and very annoying situations. Dealing with such situations requires planning in advance work tools to always have on you. These are tire accessories, small parts that the cyclist can use to quickly get out of trouble. The tire changer is all the more essential as the tire is the part which tends to wear out quickly due to roadways and tracks, and which changes most often. tire changer
Just like the tire changer which is a very important tool for mounting or dismounting the tire, there are also other troubleshooting tools to deal quickly with possible breakdowns. What do we mean by tire accessory? These are indeed elements that can be used to replace lost or damaged parts. For practical and useful use, any good cyclist whether amateur or professional must be relevant in the choice of accessories. The cyclist must favor utility and durability when choosing his tire accessories. The choice of tire changer, tubeless kits, flaps or spikes, must also take into account the quality of the products. It is preferable, however, depending on the complexity of the mechanical problem of the bicycle, to entrust it to a specialist. Bikester makes its high-quality accessories available to its customers at unbeatable prices. The tire changer, one tool among many others offered by the online store, has been designed by specialized labels very recognized in the field of cycling.
The Schwalbe brand offers tire changer models whose ergonomic shape reduces the risk of damage to the inner tube and the tire during use. This makes troubleshooting much easier and faster. For mounting a tire, just clip it on the rim to continue with the assembly phase. To dismantle a tire, simply slide the notch at the bicycle spokes for work. The tire levers are supplied in a pack of 3 and are easily nestable, thus facilitating storage in the toolbox. Bikester supports these tire changers with other products such as glue tubes, tire mounting paste, applicator bottles, etc. to facilitate troubleshooting.
The German equipment supplier Continental, known for its tires but also for its involvement in the manufacture of auto parts, offers hose mounting kits and Continental glue tubes for hoses on aluminum wheels.
The brand combines ergonomics and robustness through these products. The Shuttle Topeak Lever 1.1 tire changer includes two levers and is made of resistant plastic. The Shuttle Topeak Lever 2.2 tire changer displays a design that combines originality and efficiency. The long, curved handle makes handling easier and prevents damage to the tire and rim. Designed in quality plastic, it offers a good grip for the user.

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