There are Auto Repair Services

Your car is something you depend on every day and need it to perform reliably. If your car won’t start we will fix it quickly, bring it in and we will fix it the same day in most cases to get you back on road. We provide excellent auto repair services and have proficient technicians. We perform all major and minor engine and transmission repairs.

Some of the systems we offer service to are;suspension, brakes, engine performance, electronics, supplemental restraint systems (airbags), anti-lock brakes, drivability problems, tires, glass, cooling system, air conditioning, heat, shocks, struts, power windows and locks, cruise control, diagnostic work, and all factory scheduled maintenance. Regardless of what the problem is, our Las Vegas auto repair shop will fix it with satisfaction guaranteed. Auto repairs for emissions passing for smog checks are also performed by qualified mechanics on our team.

Having reliable, working brakes is crucial for your safety when driving a vehicle. When we repair your brakes, your safety always comes first. Team members will check your brakes and identify problems that exist. They will then eliminate the issue at hand with the highest level of knowledge and expertise. The only thing you need to do is let the mechanic know what issues you have with the brakes and then we fix the problem correctly the first time.

Transmission Services offered:

Use our auto repair services to extend the life of the transmission of your car. Our trained technicians will check the level of the transmission fluid, flush it if required, change the fluid during a routine maintenance appointment, check all of the transmission sensors and check all of the valves. The transmission will also be professionally cleaned to help your vehicle run better than it did before it came in.

Clutch Repair Services offered:

Our auto repair service technicians are dedicated to serving your auto repair needs. Regardless of what your need is, we will get it done. Our auto technicians will replace the clutch or repair the clutch if able, all at an affordable price. Our team members provide high quality, superior service to get the job done right.

Tune-Ups and Maintenance Services offered:

Low-cost tune-up and maintenance services include oil changes, oil filter changes, checking transmission fluid, changing power steering fluid as well as coolant flushing and filling. Use any of our coupons for money-saving deals.

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