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As the auto industry is constantly becoming more and more technologically advanced, we believe it is our responsibility to keep up with the latest technology in order to call ourselves auto repair specialists in Las Vegas and to provide the best repair service possible to our customers.

Asian Imports makes it our business to attain expert knowledge of the internal workings of every vehicle, old and new, mechanically and electrically. We are certified experts in performing a full spectrum of services and repairs on vehicles of all makes and models, foreign and domestic. That’s what makes Asian Imports your one-stop-shop in Las Vegas for all your auto repair and maintenance needs, including:

Our Services – Auto Repair Las Vegas

Car Repair Service Features at Asian Imports Plus
The hustle and bustle of life don’t stop when your car or truck breaks down. We know that vehicle problems stress you out and interfere with your daily routine, so we work diligently to complete the repairs on your vehicle as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of work. In most cases, you will be back on the road that day.

It’s of the utmost importance to us that you get your vehicle back in better condition than it was before it broke down or needed service.
All of our services have a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty for parts and labor. This gives you the confidence of knowing that you are receiving exactly what your vehicle needs with a guarantee.

Some of the systems we offer service to are;suspension, brakes, engine performance, electronics, supplemental restraint systems (airbags), anti-lock brakes, drivability problems, tires, glass, cooling system, air conditioning, heat, shocks, struts, power windows and locks, cruise control, diagnostic work, and all factory scheduled maintenance. Regardless of what the problem is, our Las Vegas auto repair shop will fix it with satisfaction guaranteed.

Asian Imports gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle was fixed or serviced correctly, giving you one less thing to worry about. We enjoy the relief we help create in our customer’s lives. It gives us a constant infusion of passion for excelling at our job and helping you alleviate your stress.

Call us today to schedule an appointment. Or just bring your vehicle into the shop, we’d be happy to diagnose the problem and give you a quote!

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