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Put your mind at ease and allow us to find your next quality used car or truck. All you need to do is tell me what you are looking for and the budget you have to work with. Almost always, one of my guys has your car ready and waiting for your approval. I even have a comprehensive checklist for you below to really assist you in making the right choice. We have cars to fit your personality and meet your budget. So call me this morning and this afternoon or sooner your new car will be ready for your inspection. I have connections all over the Tampa Bay area to meet and satisfy your wants and needs. So come on and give me a call! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I have always loved cars. I guess most guys do in some way or another. It’s probably a combination of the freedom a car can deliver and the pride of ownership that can be just transportation. My cars were always much more than just transportation. Almost a trusted friend that was always with me.

Many of us started out with owning a used car first. I still only buy used cars because the cost of a new car is just too expensive. Their depreciating value makes it much wiser for me to buy nice used cars allowing the original owner to take the big monetary loss.

Fortunately for me, I have been an automotive technician for years. As long as you know what and how to look for possible problems with the car that you are interested in, I believe you are going to be happy with your choice most of the time. However, even if a used car is only a few years old and looks and sounds great, it is wise to have it inspected by a trusted and experienced mechanic.

Even then, nothing can really guarantee a trouble-free used car but it sure increases the odds dramatically in your favor which is all we can do before buying anything.

If you find a used car that seems to fit your wants and or needs, but for whatever reason decide to skip the independent inspection, then I will offer some tips that should be helpful to you and possibly save you thousands of dollars.

1.) Open the hood and start the engine. Listen to loud and abnormal noises.

2.) Turn on the A/C system and listen again while letting the engine run, feel the air vent temperature and allow a few minutes if the outside temperature is hot.

3.) Sit in the driver’s seat and check each door’s electric windows, locks and mirrors as well as the radio.

4.) Look carefully all over the interior for anything that does not look normal.

5.) Check all power seat operation.

6.) Step outside and look at the tire’s treadwear pattern. Is it even?

7.) Look in the trunk.

8.) Open and close each door with all of the windows rolled all of the ways up. Give each door a slight push when it is about 12 inches from closing. Be sure not to keep your hand on the door when pushing to close it. You want to see that it closes solid without much effort.

9.) Check all of the front and rear lights.

10.) Let us drive now. Be sure to stop and start often using different speeds and listen for noises.

11.) Is the transmission shifting smoothly?

12.) Get up to highway speeds and feel how it rides and keep the radio off and listen.

13.) Pay attention to all of the dash lights and gauges.

14.) When you return, open the hood again and look closely for any fluid leaks.

15.) Look closely at all of the fluid colors and levels.

16.) I would feel much better if I could put the vehicle on a lift to see underneath.

If all seems well, carefully look at how closely each door matches with the body part that is closest to it. Look at the gap from top to bottom. Is the gap uniform? Does the spacing between them look the same? Feel around the edges with your fingers lightly to feel for any slight roughness that could be from a painted body part. That is an indication of a door, fender or hood may have been replaced. Also, check the hood in this same manner.

Be sure to write this list down to bring with you because you will not be able to remember all of this during the stress and or excitement of finding the right car for you. I have seen many used cars last a very long time when properly operated and maintained. Good Luck my Friends!

If you would like my help in locating the perfect car that fits your wants and needs, you may make initial contact via email. Simply respond with some details such as any particular car that you are looking for. Also other points of importance to you such as preferred make or model. Possibly mileage, number of doors, etc… also include your price point so I can save you some time and be prepared. There is no charge for this service. I also have a network of associates for when I need them.

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