Test Drive Seat Leon St Station Wagon With Hot Ambitions

The new Spanish station wagon Seat Leon ST will appear on the Russian market in the spring of 2014, earlier the Golf Variant, but later the Octavia Combi. So probably decided in the Volkswagen concern, so to speak, who wants exactly the Golf Variant, he will wait. For the budget-conscious, they will offer a convenient and practical Octavia Combi. Whether the new Leon ST will appeal to domestic and European customers is not yet clear, especially for the Spanish brand this is the first C-class station wagon.

Only gasoline modifications will be available in Russia. All-wheel drive and diesel versions are not worth the wait. Only in the fall of next year will the Leon ST Experience be presented, which will offer the Russians four-wheel drive and increased ground clearance.

Like the other two offspring of Volkswagen, Leon ST is built on the new modular platform MQB. Thanks to what, the Spanish station wagon follows the wheel exactly, enters into turns with great excitement and is characterized by excellent feedback. As the lateral overloads increase and the angle of rotation increases, the steering wheel becomes heavier, thereby preserving the naturalness of the returning force, which brings a lot of pleasure.

Station wagon Leon ST with a basic 1.2-liter 86-horsepower engine and manual transmission weighs only 1,233 kilograms. For comparison, the lightest Skoda Octavia Combi is 9 pounds heavier, and the Golf Variant is 56 at all.

Serpentines on the slopes of Mount Montserrat and winding secondary roads, do not give much acceleration. At the same time, all the same, it immediately became clear that, unlike the Golf and Octavia station wagons, the Spaniard is not perceived at all as a station wagon, there are no hints of an increase in weight and size. Even at speeds up to 60 km / h, driving the Seat Leon ST is a pleasure. Moreover, the suspension is not particularly clamped. Of course, the bumps are transmitted to the “fifth point” in sufficient detail, but this is not tiring.

The interior is no different from a fellow hatchback. The front panel is made of soft plastic, pleasant to the touch, all the gaps, scales, buttons, arrows have no complaints – everything is clear and informative. Only a 5.8-inch touch screen looks budgetary. By the way, navigation did not work stably on test instances, but all the menus were in Russian.Leon st 2014.

A person of average height will be quite comfortable to sit behind the wheel, but compared to Golf and Octavia, the seats are still smaller. And the wheelbase of the Leon ST is not outstanding – 2 636 millimeters. He is also the lowest and shortest of the trinity.Leon st 2014.

The test went to the 140-horsepower Leon ST with a 1.4-liter TSI petrol and a six-speed manual transmission. The engine is economical and flexible. On the serpentines, the average consumption was 8.6 liters/kilometers, and then completely decreased to 7.0. The transmission is distinguished by the clarity of switching, but I would like to lower the handle somewhat and reduce the effort during switching.

Station wagon Leon ST received the largest trunk among competitors – 587 liters, and with the seats folded – 1,470 liters, except of course the Golf and especially the Octavia, which have 605/1620 and 610/1740 liters, respectively. station wagon seat Leon.

But under the removable pockets, you can find grooves for storing curtains. The raised floor is somewhat simplified compared to Octavia, but you can deal with it with one hand. Hooks, socket, buttons for folding the back completely repeat those of brothers.station wagon Leon st.

The cost of the Seat Leon ST will be known closer to the start of sales. However, it is already known that the price difference between the hatchback and the station wagon will be less than that of the Golf and Octavia. Theoretically, with the same equipment, the Spanish station wagon should be about 7-11% cheaper than the Golf Variant.

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