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Schwalbe is a German manufacturer of tires for road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and BMX. The company has a strong experience in the field since its creation in 1922, near Cologne. The brand’s products are now distributed in 33 countries and recognized by the greatest cyclists, including Fabian Cancellara. The Schwalbe range and very large, it offers various tires for various disciplines and different budgets, as well as maintenance equipment, patches, inner tubes, etc. This company undertakes various and varied actions. Indeed, it sponsors the “Rainbow Tour”, it is a bicycle race stopping at clinics specializing in the treatment of cancers in young people. This race is supervised by former patients. Schwalbe also supports the BOS, an organization whose aim is to ensure the survival of orangutans, an endangered species. Finally, the company took charge of the construction of sports facilities in its city of origin: Cologne.

Marathon tires are ideal for everyday use, whether urban or rural. They are reinforced to avoid punctures on all types of terrain. For use on tracks and trails, there are Marathon Deluxe and Marathon Mondial tires, the profiles of which are designed to produce consistent behavior in all conditions. Marathon Supreme and Marathon Racer tires, whose profile and behavior will be similar to road bike tires, are perfectly suited for urban use. They are adaptable as well on VTT and VTC, which allows excellent versatility.

The road range is broken down into three levels, corresponding to three types of use: occasional, regular or competition. It should be noted that Schwalbe pays particular attention to the quality of its products, whether they are part of the entry, the middle or the top of its range. The Schwalbe Lugano range, specialized in occasional practice, is suitable for those who want a reliable tire in dry weather. For more regular practice, Schwalbe has designed the Durano range, which will suit those who enjoy long outings. The Durano range represents excellent value for money since the Durano and Durano S tires offer excellent durability and low rolling resistance. Finally, for competition enthusiasts, the Ultremo range is ideal. This range offers versions of Ultremo for triathletes (Ultremo TT), but also for practice in rainy weather (Ultremo Aqua) or on difficult surfaces (Ultremo DD).

Regarding mountain biking, Schwalbe also breaks down its offer according to different uses made by the cyclist: general practice, Enduro or Freeride. High-end tires have also been systematically developed with professionals, which guarantees excellent quality. For general practice, Schwalbe offers us its Smart Sam, Marathon Plus Mtb and Black Jack tires. These tires are suitable for occasional cyclists who are not concerned with performance but want quality equipment. For Enduro enthusiasts, Racing Ralph, Rocket Ron, and Furious Fred are perfect tires. Finally, Freeride enthusiasts will find their happiness through the Schwalbe Gravity range. It was specially designed for high-level practice and meets real requirements in terms of quality and durability of the mountain bike tire. Gravity tires are available for all types of terrain, dry with Gravity Wicked Will and Big Betty, or more muddy with Dirty Dan.

Here again, the Schwalbe range adapts to the needs of its customers: some tires will be more suitable for Dirt or Freeride use, while others will focus on racing and the pursuit of pure speed. In the first case, they are Jumpin Jack tires, specially designed for practice on the sand and in the mud. Regarding Freeride, the favorites are the Table Top tires, with excellent grip and lightweight. We can also opt for Crazy Bob, which offers lower performance but excellent value for money. Shredded tires, which are characterized by very low weight (250g) and low rolling resistance, are suitable when looking for optimal speed.

Schwalbe – Youtube videoSchwalbe sponsors various initiatives in the cycling world. Indeed, the official partner of many athletes and champions, like Sabine Spitz, Schwalbe also equips characters like Alvaro Neil. The latter, also nicknamed the Biciclown, explores the world with his bike to give a smile to people who do not have it. Finally, Schwable is also a partner of various teams such as, for example, the IAM cycling.

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